Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Missing Lynx

Missing Lynx (Spanish: El Lince Perdido) is a 2008 computer-animated film produced by
Spanish studios Kandor Graphics and YaYa! Films.

Félix, a clumsy and unlucky Iberian lynx, is staying at the animal recovery center at the Doñana National Park, after one of his countless mishaps. However, the center is attacked by mercenaries led by Newmann, the self-titled "greatest hunter in the world", hired by an eccentric millionaire, Noé (Noah in the English version), who intends to create a sort of Noah's Ark for threatened species. Assisted by his friends - Gus, a paranoid chameleon; Beeea (Beeety in the English version), a daredevil goat; Astarté, a brave falcon; and Rupert, a poor-sighted mole - Félix must foil Noé's plans.

Na ne daržnai pasitaiko proga pristatyti ir net parodyti pilno metražo animacini filmą, bet ši kartą taip ir atsitiko! ,,Missing Lynx" yra Ispanų kūrybos grynuolis, kuris pasižymi aukštos kokybės animacija ir nuotaikinga istorija.

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