Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Robo Western

Great animated short!

Ar patikėtumėte, kad vienas žmogus per 16 dienų sukurtu beveik 8 minučių animacinį filmą su puikia animacija? Ne? Tada pažiūrėkite, nes rezultatas išties stulbinantis! :)

Film director Joshua Palmer commentar:

Here it is, my final round entry for TOFA 2010.
After next to no sleep for 16 days i've managed to crack out a 7 minute 20 second cartoon.
I feel dead.
The theme for the final round was "A Second Chance" and thus we had to make a 30 second - 10 minute animation in 18 days centered around that theme.

I had some trouble at first coming up with an idea which wasn't done before. First i wanted to do a story about pigs but it got far to complex to work in the 'second chance' theme. I then wanted to do something about a woman wanting a child but that got too close to pixars 'Up' in a sense. I then decided to settle with A Robot western setting.

Personally i didn't like this. I wanted to change the script so badly, i wanted to add in more back story for One eye, for the fact that flash was being a huge ass crashing every minute and refusing me to add anything else i couldn't do those things. I even had to download a trail version of a newer flash to finish this since the memory leak on the file got so big that it was eating 2 gb's of my system memory when running in flash 8!

Not to dissapoint my talented opponent, ~DaveBruno i forced myself to finish this. I hope you enjoy it for what it's worth~

Win, lose, this animation tournament has been alot of fun at the end of the day~

I'd like to thank *TheSkark for one again coming to my aid with voices, as well as working with ~TomaMoto for the first time. You guys did an awesome job and if we win you'll both be getting something nice~

Thats all i can think of to say, so untill the results are long and eat stuff.

Royality free music provided by Kevin MacLeod: [link]

Voice acting by: *TheSkark ~TomaMoto

Sound effects by Soundsnap: [link]

Additional SFX by

TOFA 2010 Hosted by [link]

TOFA 2010 Sponsored by ADOBE

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